The weekend rain threw the 2017 Lithgow Golf Championships into chaos with organisers having to postpone both the Saturday and Sunday rounds.

This meant that the third and fourth and final round are still to be played with defending champion Ian Nightingale able to hold on to his title for another two weeks.
Nightingale is currently well placed and is only a shot behind leader Andrew Burton.

A meeting was held on Monday night and the board decided to play the third round on Saturday March 25 and the final round was set down for the following Saturday April 1.

The ideal dates would have been this Saturday and Sunday, but several golfers will be involved in the final round of pennants with both the Seniors and Masters teams in the final.
Captain Max Nightingale said: “We looked at all possibilities and obviously any decision we made would not suit everyone.
” It is disappointing for those that the dates do not suit but there is not much else we could do.”

The March monthly medals sponsored by Ron Evans Painting will be now pushed back to Saturday March 8.