This week the Lithgow Ladies team has been successful in winning the 2018 BMDLGA Interclub Bowl after a 10 year drought. Lithgow last won the trophy in 2008.

The event is handicap match play, team of 5 and the Lithgow players gave away a massive 133 strokes over the 5 rounds.

Round 1 – Lithgow defeated Oberon at Lithgow 4 matches to 1
Round 2 – defeated Wentworth Falls at Blackheath 4/1 giving 39 strokes.
Round 3 – lost to Springwood at Springwood, Lithgow giving 24 strokes.
Round 4 – defeated Blackheath at Leura 4/1 giving 27 strokes
Round 5 – defeated Leura at Oberon 3/2 giving 38 strokes.

Going into the last round there were 3 clubs (Lithgow, Wentworth Falls and Springwood) with a chance to win the Bowl depending on match outcomes.

Springwood defeated Wentworth Falls 3/2 leaving Lithgow to take home the trophy.

Playing all 5 matches Sue Brooks gave 49 strokes and Olwyn King 27, Lynne Ritchie played 4 matches giving 41 strokes. Janice Cohen (started out as a reserve) played 3 matches as did Narelle Potts and Marie Hackett while Di McGuire played 1 match.

Congratulations to all players involved, a great team effort.

Photo: Standing L to R – Sue Brooks, Marie Hackett, Narelle Potts, Lynne Ritchie, Olwyn King. Seated: Janice Cohen and Di McGuire.

Written by Lynne Ritchie