Saturday Competition 31/10/20

By |October 31st, 2020|Results|

SPONSORED BY HENRY'S PLANT AND EQUIPMENT HIRE 65 Starters Monthly Medals- Stroke Event Winner 'A': John Chadwick c/b 69 nett R/up 'A': Blake Bender 69 nett Scratch 'A': Steven Hall 72 Winner 'B': Eli Felton 67 nett R/up 'B': David Hicks c/b 70 nett Scratch 'B': Greg Jackson 84 Winner 'C': Hayden Cornwell 62 nett [...]

Friday Competition 30/10/20

By |October 31st, 2020|Results|

16 Starters Winner: Don Farnsworth c/b 22 points 2nd: Trevor Cameron c/b 22 points 4 x ($5) vouchers at 20pts NEAT NTP: 9th Not Won cm's, 18th Not In Play

Wednesday Competition 28/10/20

By |October 28th, 2020|Results|

38 Starters Winner: Garry Walker c/b 23pts 2nd: Mark Bennett 23 pts 3rd: Brian Judge c/b 22 pts Vouchers: 18 pts X 9 Winners OCB NTP: 9th Mick Bennett 225cms, 18th Rob Hawes 343cm’s

Saturday Competition 24/10/20

By |October 24th, 2020|Results|

SINGLE BISQUE PAR + SCRATCH: Winner 'A': Brock Egan +5 R/up 'A': Travis Cameron +4 Scratch 'A': Andrew Burton 72 Winner 'B': Trevor Cameron +6 R/up 'B': Bradley Gordon +4 Scratch 'B': Tallan Egan 82 Winner 'C': Leo Murnane c/b +6 R/up 'C': Richard Mara +6 Scratch 'C': Robert George 91 $5.00 Vouchers x 16 [...]

Friday Competition 23/10/20

By |October 24th, 2020|Results|

17 Starters Winner: Jeff Geddes 24 points 4 x ($5) vouchers at 22pts NEAT NTP: 9th Max Nightingale 302cm's, 18th Not In Play

Wednesday Competition 21/10/20

By |October 23rd, 2020|Results|

37 Starters Winner: Craig Pugsley c/b 22pts 2nd: Les Barnes 22 pts 3rd: Ross King c/b 21 pts Vouchers: 18 pts X 8 Winners OCB NTP: 9th Ross King 80cms, 18th Anthony Oldfield 323cm’s


By |October 18th, 2020|News|

Covid 19 has curtailed many sports but golf has been allowed to continue albeit with special restrictions in place. The Course has been very heavy going and very wet with all the rain recently so scoring, apart from a few players, has been difficult. The Lady Golfers have just completed their 2020 Championships and special [...]

Saturday Competition 17/10/20

By |October 17th, 2020|Results|

2 Ball Stableford Aggregate Plus Aggregate Scratch 66 Starters Winners: Geoffrey Wheeler & Ross Harrington 78 pts R/ups: Paul Bosman & Ray Thompson C/B 74 pts Scratch Winners: Steve Hall & Damien Marjoram 149 Voucher winners X 15 cut out at 69 pts OCB Nearest the Pin: 2nd Max Nightingale 188cm's, 4th Graham Dean 161cm's, [...]

Friday Competition 16/10/20

By |October 17th, 2020|Results|

14 Starters Winner: John Bird 27 points 3 x ($5) vouchers at 22pts NEAT NTP: 9th Jeff Geddes 174cm's, 18th Not In Play

Wednesday Competition 14/10/20

By |October 17th, 2020|Results|

42 Starters Winner: Darren Healey 24pts 2nd: Leo Murnane c/b 22 pts 3rd: Carlos Garibotto c/b 22 pts Vouchers: 18 pts X 10 Winners OCB NTP: 9th Luke Sheppeard 210cms, 18th Trev Cameron 800cm’s