Wednesday 23/6/21 – Social Stableford (Best 9 Hole Score)

By |June 25th, 2021|Results|

23 Starters Winner: Laurie Northey 20pts 2nd: Ross Harrington C/B 18pts 3rd: Dave Hicks C/B 18pts Vouchers: 4 x $5  16pts NEAT NTP: 9th Les Barnes 240cm's - 18th Tom Jennings Ricky Cohen 280cm's

Saturday 19/6/21 – Single Stableford + Scratch Stableford

By |June 20th, 2021|Results|

SINGLE + SCRATCH STABLEFORD: STARTERS: 53 Winner 'A': Harry Bender 36pts R/up 'A': John Chadwick 33pts Scratch 'A': Steve Hall 32pts Winner 'B': Al Mostyn 35pts R/up 'B': Greg Guest 34pts Scratch 'B':  Dave Warren 23pts Winner 'C': Neil Hutchinson 36pts R/up 'C': Warren Kennedy 32pts Scratch 'C': Graeme Osborne 11pts $5.00 Vouchers x 5 [...]

Friday 18/6/21 – Social Stableford (Best 9 Hole Score)

By |June 18th, 2021|Results|

9 Starters Winner: Michael Bright 21pts 1 x ($5) vouchers  18pts NEAT 9th: Michael Bright 75cm's, 18th Not In Play

Wednesday 16/6/21 – Social Stableford (Best 9 Hole Score)

By |June 18th, 2021|Results|

30 Starters Winner: Steve McCann 18pts 2nd: Al Mostyn C/B 17pts 3rd: John Griffiths 17pts Vouchers: 9 x $5  15pts NEAT NTP: 9th Chris Goodsell 386cm's - 18th Ricky Cohen 280cm's

Monday 14/6/21 – 2 Person Ambrose

By |June 16th, 2021|Results|

38 Starters (19Teams) Winners: Wayne Morris & Chris Goodsell 64.5 points 2nd: Justin Nelson & Chris Keller 66.25 points 3rd: Dave Thompson & Brian Bourke 68.5 points $5 Voucher Winner X 10 @ 71 points NEAT Nil NTP

Saturday Competition 12/6/21 – VS – Par

By |June 13th, 2021|Results|

-VS- Par 47 Starters Winner: Christopher Keller 0 2nd: Michael Bennett C/B -1 3rd: Harrison Bender C/B -1 Voucher winners X 8 cut out at -3 OCB Nearest the Pin: 2nd Michael Saville 112cm's, 4th Harrison Bender 222cm's, 9th Brian Bourke 278cm's, 13th Greg Jackson 44cm's, 18th Christopher Keller 520cm's Pro Pin's 2nd $0.00, 4th [...]

Saturday Competition 5/6/21 – 2BBB Stableford + Scratch

By |June 6th, 2021|Results|

2BBB Stableford and Scratch 58 Starters Winners: Geoff Thompson & Michael Bennett 44pts R/ups: Gary Wallace & Les Goldspink 43pts Scratch Winners: Darren Hunter & Greg Jackson 72 C/B Voucher winners X 12 cut out at 39 pts OCB Nearest the Pin: 2nd Max McCann 203cm's, 4th John Bird 320cm's, 9th Ken Durie 250cm's, 13th [...]

Friday 4/6/21 – Social Stableford (Best 9 Hole Score)

By |June 4th, 2021|Results|

13 Starters Winner: Leo Murnane 19pts 3 x ($5) vouchers  16pts NEAT 9th: Chris Keller 1300cm's, 18th Not In Play

Wednesday 2/6/21 – Social Stableford (Best 9 Hole Score)

By |June 3rd, 2021|Results|

35 Starters Winner: Mick Casey C/B  19pts 2nd: Dave Hicks 19pts 3rd: Mark Bennett 18pts Vouchers: 7 x $5  16pts NEAT NTP: 9th Tom Jennings 60cm's - 18th Not Won